Sara Gelbana

Customer Service Manager

As a customer service manager our client and consumers is the higher model in our role to provide the best customer experience which ICM looking forward to provide to its Customers As ICM we are looking forward to keep our best customer service experience in higher level.

Responsible for the processes and systems related to the servicing customers and support of sales staff.

Directs the delivery of administrative and operational assistance designed to promote revenue growth, productivity, and exceptional levels of customer satisfaction. Provides team members with the appropriate training, tools, direction and motivation to enable their success.

Sara Gelbana has gained all her customer service experience by spending 7 years in Vodafone Telecommunication, serving in two different accounts to serve and provide the best customer service experience 5 years in Vodafone international services “Vodafone UK “and 3 years in customer service for Vodafone Egypt.

As well took training in Customer Service, under the auspices of Future Generation Foundation provided by Dale Carnegie Training. And learned all the function related to the,
International Computer Driving License (ICDL), Also took training in The development of media personnel in the field of public relations in Middle East Research and Future Studies, Ain Shams University. 


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