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it has all the features of a high-end ophthalmic unit in a very reduced space. It has a new generati on shatterproof touch-pad console, backlit, easy to use and to clean. On the console there are all the main commands and it is also possible to memorize various functi ons for a fast and comfortable use. FUSION can be equipped with an electric lift ing plan, the command for the management of the electric anteroposterior movement of the chair is available (opti onal). The working plane for 2 instruments can be blocked and acti vated in any positi on. This feature makes the unit suitable for pati ents with motor diffi culti es. A wide range of accessories is available: chairs, ceiling lights, drawers and many other accessories to personalize the furnishing of the studio. As the whole range of CSO ophthalmic units, FUSION can be customized with a wide choice of colors.


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